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Issue 4.4


Databases for Real

REALSQLDatabase (SQLite)

Issue: 4.4 (March/April 2006)
Author Bio: Paul Lefebvre is President and Chief Software Architect of LogicalVue Software, makes of SQLVue, UltraToolBar and RBUnit.
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We're going to spend the next few columns focusing in more detail on specific features of the REALSQL Database that is now included with REALbasic 2005. REALSQL is the third version of a REALbasic database format and I think the adage "the third time is the charm" applies here. REALSQL is based on SQLite 3 (http://www.sqlite.org), a fast and powerful open-source database engine. Previously, SQLite (version 2) was available to REALbasic developers via the SQLitePluginPro database plug in from SQLabs. In early 2005, REALbasic purchased this plugin (and other related technologies) from SQLabs for inclusion in REALbasic 2005. Considering that this plugin sold for about $100, it is quite a bargain to have it included with REALbasic.

REALSQL supports all the commands that SQLite supports. Table 1 is a list of all the commands grouped into categories. But before we jump right into our first category, Tables, we ought to take care of a some REALbasic housekeeping.

In order to start working with any of these exciting SQLite commands, you need to create a REALSQL database. This is not hard at all as we'll see in some sample code. All access with REALSQL databases is coincidentally done through the REALSQLDatabase class. Once we have an instance of that class, we can assign it to a folder item and choose to create a new database. For example:

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