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Issue 4.5


The Case of the Pushbutton Menus

Our boys are hot on the trail of a controversy... how far will it take them?

Issue: 4.5 (May/June 2006)
Author: Toby Rush
Author Bio: Toby Rush is a music instructor, consultant, freelance programmer, web designer, husband and Dad in Greeley, Colorado.
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Article Length (in bytes): 10,926
Starting Page Number: 44
Article Number: 4517
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Home of Jim Sampson, 5675 North 88th Street, 7:22 am

"Hank! Charlie! I thought you guys would never show up!" An older, uniformed man switched the megaphone to his other hand to shake hands with the detectives. "Hey, Louie," he shouted to another officer. "Detectives Hank Marsh and Charlie Sanders are swoopin' in to save the day."

Marsh smiled. "Whadda you got, Phil? Hostage situation?"

"Nah, he's up there by himself, but he's threatening to release a poorly designed application if we don't meet his demands."

"What kind of application?"

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