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Issue 4.5


Legacy code: why throw it away?


Issue: 4.5 (May/June 2006)
Author Bio: Didier, aka dda, left Korea after 11 years working there, and is now exporting wine and spirits to Asia.
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This issue's column -- and probably the next one -- started as an email conversation between a reader (Franco Vaccari -- not to name him) and me. It rapidly developed to a point where I had enough material for an article that could interest more than one reader. So we broadened a bit the field of our discussion and this article is a snapshot of the ongoing effort we are making on providing a framework to re-compile Fortran code into C code and reuse it in RB. Franco's original requirement is to be able to reuse heaps of Fortran code they have developed at his institution, using f2c (http://www.netlib.org/f2c) to convert F77 code to C. With C source code, gcc and some Declares, and a bit of patience too, we should be able to recycle Gramps' code, right? Let's see how...


This column will lay the ground work for an automated Fortran-to-C-to-RB build framework. The ultimate objective would be of course to use RB 2006's latest shiny feature, IDE scripting. But in the meantime, we'll do the following:

  • provide for easy compilation of Fortran code into a C dylib

    produce necessary declares for the RB application

    provide install and packaging services for the final product

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