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Table Of Contents

Issue 4.6 (July/August 2006)

(Source Code)
Thoughts from the Publisher (Page 5)
News News from the REALbasic Community (Page 6)
Review Book: REALbasic: Cross-Platform Application Development (Page 8)
Review DarkAdapted (Page 9)
Review Firebox x500 (Page 9)
Review Net Stakeout (Page 10)
Review XERD (Page 10)
Feature Postmortem: Kodiak: REALbasic goes to school (Page 11)
Feature XML 101: Getting started with RB's XML Classes (Page 16)
Feature Designing a Visual Layout Editor: Part One (Page 25)
Feature Trial Versions: Make your time-limited trial difficult to break (Page 31)
(Beginner's Corner)
Basic Data Structures, Part III: More structures (Page 34)
(Databases for Real)
REALSQLDatabase (SQLite) (Page 36)
(Object-Oriented Thinking)
Designing a Server Class: The Facade and Mediator Patterns In Action (Page 37)
Binary Search: Divide and Conquer (Page 38)
(From Scratch)
RSS Reader: The next RSS reader from start to finish. (Page 40)
(Intel corner)
Menu Glyphs: Icons for menu entries (Page 42)
(The Interface Designer)
Drag, Drop, and Roll: How to add a huge amount of functionality with no bloat (Page 44)


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