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Issue 5.1


REAL SQL Server Released

REAL Software ships easy-to-use server product

Issue: 5.1 (September/October 2006)
Author: Will Leshner
Author Bio: Will Leshner is one of the principle developers of REAL SQL Server. He also develops and maintains the REAL SQL Database engine built into REALbasic.
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REAL Software recently released REAL SQL Server, a server product that, together with REALbasic, makes developing and deploying client/server products a snap. REAL SQL Server is a fast, full-featured SQL server that uses the same database engine that powers REAL SQL Database, REALbasic's built-in single-user database engine. That means you can take the same database files you have been using with the REAL SQL Database and start serving them immediately with REAL SQL Server.

REAL SQL Server runs on all the same platforms as REALbasic itself: Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. If you are developing a client/server application in REALbasic, then you will be able to run the server on the same platform.

Launching REAL SQL Server is as easy as launching the REAL SQL Server application that is included in the server installation. REAL SQL Server application allows you to launch and quit the server, as well as set basic server settings. But you don't have to run the server using REAL SQL Server application. You can launch the server from the command line, or from a shell script. This means that the server will happily operate in a headless server environment.

REAL SQL Server also comes with a full-featured administration application that allows you to create users and groups, assign privileges, set up backups, create databases, tables, and indexes, and monitor the health of the server. Unlike REAL SQL Server, which must run on the same machine as the server itself, the REAL SQL Server Admin can be run on any machine. As long as it has an Internet connection, it can connect to any server.

To start developing client applications for REAL SQL Server, simply drop the plugin that comes with the server into REALbasic's Plugins folder and you are ready to start writing code. Because REAL SQL Server uses the same database engine as the REAL SQL Database, any code you have written for REAL SQL Database will work, with only minor modifications, with REAL SQL Server. In fact, the only thing you really have to change is the way you connect to the database. With REAL SQL Database, you specify a FolderItem to connect to. With REAL SQL Server, you supply host, username, password, and database information in order to connect to a database. All the rest of your database code (and SQL) can remain the same.

REALbasic and REAL SQL Server together make an unbeatable client/server development system. REALbasic makes it easy to build clients, and REAL SQL Server makes it easy to deploy, setup, and administer servers. Plus, having both products come from the same company greatly simplifies support issues.

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