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Issue 5.5



Building a simple database application in REALbasic.

Issue: 5.5 (July/August 2007)
Author: Will Leshner
Author Bio: Will Leshner is a Software Engineer who has spent a good deal of the last several years building REALbasic applications, utilities, and plugins. Check out his REALbasic weblog at http://www.rbgazette.com/.
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This is the fourth (and final) article in a series of articles about building CashFlow, a database application for tracking income and expenses. If you were here last time, then you know that the primary goal for this series of articles is to introduce readers to REALbasic's database classes in general, and to the REAL SQL Database in particular. A secondary goal is the creation of a useful application.

In the last article we implemented the ability to browse CashFlow's expense items. In this article we will implement the ability to create, edit, and delete items.

I recommend that you refer often to the REALbasic project for CashFlow as you read this article. I have taken the liberty of filling out a good deal more of CashFlow's functionality than we will be talking about in this article. If you want to see where we are headed, feel free to explore the code we don't talk about here.

Creating Expense Items

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