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Issue 7.2


Graph Paper Maker

Create your own customized graph paper

Issue: 7.2 (January/February 2009)
Author: Brad Rhine
Author Bio: Brad Rhine is the developer of Kodiak, a complete student information system written entirely in REALbasic. That's his day job. In his spare time, he writes shareware applications in REALbasic.
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Today we begin a new project I'm going to call Graph Paper Maker, but only because I couldn't think of a good name. Recently, my daughter asked me if I had any graph paper, and I thought, "Hey! I could make some! Better yet, I could write a REALbasic application to make some for me! Even better, that sounds like a great idea for my next column!" And so here we are.

This project will span at least two issues of RB Developer. In this issue, we're going to design the interface and get our project to the point where it's producing graph paper in PDF format. To get PDF output, we're going to utilize Fireye Software's most excellent PDF Classes (which I reviewed in a recent issue). The classes will be free for our purposes, so don't worry about incurring any additional expenses in building this one.

Defining The Goal

So what do we want to be able to do with this project? Well, to put it simply, we want to make graph paper. But that graph paper should be customizable, so we'll need to be able to set the row height, column width, and line color. In addition, we should be able to support custom margins. And naturally, our user should be able to save the customized graph paper as a PDF anywhere on the computer.

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