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Issue 7.4


A New Edition of REALbasic

Introducing REAL Studio

Issue: 7.4 (May/June 2009)
Author: Dana Brown
Author Bio: Dana is the director of marketing for REAL Software, Inc.
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On April 14th, REAL Software released REALbasic 2009 Release 2. This update introduced more than 70 improvements and 18 new features including COM automation support for Windows and support for the MySQL Community (free) Edition. Also with this release we introduced a new version of REALbasic, REAL Studio.

REALbasic users are divided into three general categories: hobbyists, part-time developers, and full-time developers. REALbasic Personal Edition is designed for hobbyists and students, and the Professional Edition is best for part-time developers. To make it easier to provide REALbasic editions with the appropriate features for each of our major types of users, we are introducing REAL Studio.

REAL Studio is specifically created with the full-time, professional software developer in mind. REAL Studio comes with a license key that can be installed on any platform and any number of computers to make development and testing easier. In addition to all of the capabilities of REALbasic Professional Edition, REAL Studio includes a code profiler for optimizing code performance, IDE scripting for build automation, and a REAL Server unlimited connections license.

Professional developers typically require a higher level of support, so REAL Studio includes priority technical support, guaranteeing that the turnaround time on technical support issues will be two days or less. For developers who need an even higher level of support we have a Premier Priority Support option which includes same day turnaround on technical support issues. More information about the Premier Support Program is available here (http://www.realsoftware.com/support/prioritysupport.php).

Current REALbasic Professional Edition users can upgrade to REAL Studio for free until May 14th.

I have received a lot of inquiries from people wondering if Cocoa will be limited to a particular edition. You can rest easy, as Cocoa will be available in all editions of REALbasic. There will, however, be some new features coming that will be best for full-time developers and will be in the REAL Studio edition only.

For the most up-to-date information about REAL Software and our products, please visit our blog (http://www.realsoftwareblog.com).

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