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Issue 8.1


Thoughts from the Publisher

Seven Years and 2100+ Pages

Issue: 8.1 (November/December 2009)
Author: Marc Zeedar
Author Bio: When RBD publisher Marc Zeedar was a kid he used to create magazines just for fun. Now he's doing it for a living! You may contact him at editor@rbdeveloper.com.
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This issue marks the beginning of a new year of REALbasic Developer magazine. I have no more insight into the future than you, but I'm hoping the new year will bring some fun developments. For instance, there are some interesting technologies in the works in mobile applications and I would love to see a way to create iPhone apps with REALbasic....

Year 7 Printed Book Available

If you didn't pre-order your RBD Archive Volume 7, you can still order it for a 25% percent subscriber discount. The printed books have been ordered and should be arriving to me in a week or so and I'll begin shipping out orders in mid-November. The 338-page book contains the complete contents of Year Seven of the magazine (issues 7.1-7.6) in print form, so it makes a great archive.

In This Issue

Did you miss the REALbasic conference in Colorado? From all reports, it was a success, though of course much smaller than the much-missed REALWorld in Austin (hopefully that will be back once the economy gets better and more people are able to attend). But in the meantime Geoffrey Rabe attended the Colorado summit and writes about what went on so you can live vicariously through his experiences.

At the conference MonkeyBread Software's Christian Schmitz gave a presentation on creating plugins for REALbasic and he was kind enough to condense his talk into an article for us. You unfortunately can't use REALbasic itself to create plugins (that is a much-desired feature request), but if you're curious about the process, this is an excellent overview.

One of my favorite custom controls for REALbasic is Alex Restrepo's CustomEditField, so I was delighted to interview him for this issue.

Of course our main feature is on Andy Dent's rbKarel program: it's a REALbasic version of the classic Karel robot, which is designed for teaching programming. Students control the robot with a simple language (implemented via RBScript) and learn about logic. Definitely a fascinating project!

In our columns, I begin a series on basic controls in REALbasic, while Paul and Bob write about database reporting, and Brad starts a new clipboard manager project in From Scratch.


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