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Issue 8.1


RB Summit 2009

Visiting the Boulder, Colorado Conference

Issue: 8.1 (November/December 2009)
Author: Geoffrey A. Rabe
Author Bio: Geoffrey began programming on a Radio Shack Color Computer, back in the early-to-mid 80s. When he could finally afford one, he bought a PC clone and VB3-6, but eventually wised up and moved to the Mac platform and REALbasic 2009r3. He's much happier now! (All photos courtesy of Geoffrey Rabe.)
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Inspiring Apps, an independent Colorado firm that specializes in writing custom software using REALbasic, and the Association of REALbasic Professionals (ARBP), jointly sponsored a three-day Summit at Inspiring Apps's offices in Boulder (see Figure 1), September 24-26, the first such REALbasic conference held in Colorado.

The Summit began Thursday afternoon with a "meet-and-greet" during which our hosts, Joe Strout and Brad Weber of Inspiring Apps, and ARBP President, Bob Keeney, outlined the sessions to be held the next two days. Following that, we broke for dinner at several nearby restaurants on Pearl Street, a pedestrian mall that runs through downtown Boulder (see Figure 9).

On Saturday morning, Bob Keeney (who also writes the BKeeney Briefs column for this magazine) had the first session, "Reporting Tools, Options, and Techniques" (see Figure 2). He mentioned that, at last year's REAL World Conference, there was only one such application to use for reporting, On-Target Reports, and that a good reporting tool was at the top of the list of feature requests received by REAL Software's Feedback tool. But one year later, there are several, in various stages of development, usability and support (see his column in this issue for more on that topic). He also discussed how making a print-out was one such way of "reporting" that many REALbasic developers use, and the various tools and controls for making print-outs that come with REALbasic.

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