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Issue 9.5


Meet Glen Buecker

Web developer for the Oklahoma University School of Music

Issue: 9.5 (July/August 2011)
Author: Marc Zeedar
Author Bio: Glen Buecker is a web tech for the Oklahoma University School of Music and he successfully used the Web Edition of Real Studio to create a streamlined web-based enrollment application for the school.
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How did you get into programming?

Programming has been a hobby of mine since I was a kid. That's not to say I was ever really successful at it. It fell by the wayside when I was in college and working. I decided to come back to school to pursue a PhD in music education. It was during this time that my programming itch came back to life. Helping out with the websites of various areas led to questions about what was possible with the web: things like registration apps, competition submissions, uniform managements, etc.

How long have you been using Real Studio?

I had discovered REALbasic 5 back in 2005 and had played around with it off and on since that time. When investigating what approach I would use for the web apps we wanted, I came across the betas of Real Studio Web Edition. I made a few mockups of some of the apps I had done with PHP and Javascript. Web Edition made it significantly easier for me to deal with logic and branching. When Web Edition became publicly available, we made the purchase and I jumped in.

What is your primary job function?

My job description has me split between coordinating the percussion program for the band department and serving as the web technologist for the school of music.

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