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Issue 1.6



Issue: 1.6 (June/July 2003)
Author: Mark Davis
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Article Number: 1606
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For a long time people have used REALbasic to make shareware applications. The most common method to sell your shareware that I have seen is the limited features approach and/or nagware. We all see those trial commercial applications that show up on the MacAddict CD every month which often expire after 30 days and by then you've used the application enough that you wanted to buy it. For a while it was only the REALbasic super users that would spend their hours coding their trial application and making sure it was near impossible to crack. I was once a beginner at REALbasic trying to get into the shareware market and it wasn't easy. I had to find experienced users and get them to write my algorithm for me. TimeBomb opens up a doorway into the shareware market for REALbasic beginners.

I had troubles getting through TimeBomb's documentation because I found it difficult to read, I can summarize some of the features I found. All of the capabilities might not be included here, but these are the major ones that are clear without being able to access well documented features.

Instead of just working for those 30 day trials, TimeBomb lets you set an expiration date which is very useful if you are sending out betas. TimeBomb also lets you set an amount of days until your application expires. Though these features sound pretty basic, TimeBomb can prevent people from changing the date to get an unlimited trial period. One good thing about the documentation for TimeBomb is that it includes helpful code snippets for storing strings so people can't get at them with a HexEditor.

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