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Issue 1.3


RB Codex Online

Issue: 1.3 (December/January 2002)
Author: Brian Jones
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Article Number: 1306
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Information concerning REALbasic can sometimes be difficult to wade through on the web. REAL Software does a good job of keeping users up to date on information concerning REALbasic in particular, but the section of their site dedicated to providing support to developers in the form of examples or plug-ins could leave something to be desired. Other sites feature message boards that can provide great personalized help, but are not the best general repository of information. Still other sites show promise, but disappear after a few months. RB Codex Online (available at http://www.macest.com/rbcodex) promises to bring a little order to all of this madness and, eventually, to become an important part of any REALbasic developer's search for new plug-ins, code snippets, and tutorials.

RB Codex takes a bit of a different approach than other REALbasic developer support sites. Rather than being a discussion oriented site or a downloads oriented site, RB Codex primarily focuses on providing examples and tutorials for its users. There are plug-ins available to download and links to other REALbasic sites, and these sections of the site are much more detailed and helpful than similar information provided elsewhere. However, the main benefit from using RB Codex is the large library of unique content comprised of its code examples and tutorials.

RB Codex has a long list of code examples available for browsing (44 at press time). The code snippets are browsed by title, and when one is selected any description and the contents of the example are then displayed. There are also tutorials available, which are more in-depth explanations of new techniques. The topics covered in these examples span from quick fixes, to problems experienced by those of all skill levels, to in- depth discussions of more complicated tasks, and basic introductions to techniques for novices.

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