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Issue 1.3



Weblog Editor

Issue: 1.3 (December/January 2002)
Author: Daniel Berlinger, Circumstance Technology
Author Bio: Daniel founded Circumstance Technology in 1989. His background is in music and audio engineering. He started the company in order to fulfill a contract building recording studios for the State University system in New York.
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Excerpt of article text...

What is Archipelago?

Archipelago is an editor for web sites (weblogs). Specifically, those with content management systems that support the Blogger API, MetaWeblog API, or Manila-RPC such as Blogger.com, Blogspot.com, Moveable Type, Weblogger.com, UserLand Radio, UserLand Manila, Macrobyte Conversant, and others. It was born out of discussions surrounding XML-RPC, weblogging, etc. More background information can be found here:


The idea that I found captivating was that of editing a website using desktop software. A "word processor for the web." I re-wrote a simple editor in REALbasic I called "Witness" that had used its own protocol for updating my websites, to utilize the then new XML-RPC protocol built into a developing content management system called "Manila." (http://frontier.userland.com/)

Just a prototype, Archipelago was a learning tool. I never expected to make use of this code in any "production" or end user setting. It was an opportunity to dig into RB with its object oriented outlook. My roots are in procedural programming, and this was a chance to embrace OOP concepts.

I was already enamored by the ease of writing for the web using a desktop application; that's what drove my continued development. I started using the test website more and more because it was so easy to update. This soon spread to the folks I was working with at the time, and before I knew it about 30 teammates were using Archipelago to update their work day weblogs.

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