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Issue 1.3


Instant Cocoa

Issue: 1.3 (December/January 2002)
Author: Colin Cornaby
Author Bio: Colin Cornaby is a OS X developer. Current projects include "Duality", a theme changer for Mac OS X, written in REALbasic.
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Article Number: 1323
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In the previous issue we compared Cocoa's syntax to that of REALbasic. Now we will begin to actually code a program. We'll get acquainted with the programming environment you use to code in Cocoa, called Project Builder. We will also work in Apple's environment for creating interfaces, Interface Builder.

Getting Started

First, make sure you have Apple's Developer Tools installed. You can download them at http://connect.apple.com/. They also come on a grey CD with any version of Mac OS X (excluding the 10.1 free upgrade).

Open the Developer/Applications folder. You should see a wealth of developer's tools. Keep in mind that a lot of these tools are not Cocoa specific, and they can be quite useful to REALBasic developers. Noteworthy tools include PackageMaker for creating Apple style .pkg installers, and Icon Composer for making 128x128 icons for your software. There are of course coding tools in this folder, but more on those later. You should also take a peek in the Extras folder in the Developer Tool's Applications folder. Apple has included some Bluetooth tools in here for 10.2 users, and has also includes Bomb.app. Bomb.app is the wonderful little application that Steve Jobs always uses to demo how OS X is crash proof. Basically, Bomb.app's only function is to crash. While this isn't a very useful program, it is fun to watch.

Project Builder

Open Project Builder from the Developer Tool's Applications folder. This is the main application you work from when you code in Cocoa. A setup assistant may open if this is your first time running PB (Project Builder). Just go with all the default settings. There is no real reason to change them.

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