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Issue 1.4


More power to the user

Add some complexity to your verbs

Issue: 1.4 (February/March 2003)
Author: Dean Davis
Author Bio: Dean Davis runs AfterTen Software and is the creator of WeatherManX. He believes all programs should have some form of AppleScript interaction, if possible.
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Excerpt of article text...

In this article we'll be going back to the theme from issue 1.2 and add complexity to the verbs that your program exposes to the outside world.

Again, you'll need an 'aete' resource editor. Classic users can use the free editor EightyRez. It's available at http://www.panix.com/~gmcgath/EightyRez.html. OS X users can use Resourcer (http://www.mathemaesthetics.com/ResorcererIndex.html) but you have to pay for the privilege. The explanations presented here will be using EightyRez.

The easiest way to add functionality to your AppleScript verbs is to allow the user to pass in a parameter into your program. You can then act on this parameter and customize your response. The original application from issue 1.2 had a very simple AppleScript verb. Adding an inbound parameter to this verb is easy.

1) Using EightyRez open the "aete" resource "MyApp.aete".

2) Navigate into the "My Apps Suite" and then to the "TestAE" event.

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