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Issue 1.5



Issue: 1.5 (April/May 2003)
Author: Brian Jones
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REALbasic provides quite a few tools to programmers, but there are still some necessities that just aren't offered. There are many little demons that can sidetrack a development project: crashes, misguided programming approaches, or simply unfathomable bugs. Sometimes it can be easier to simply start over from a recent version than it is to extract all of the unfinished problems from your code. As a result, I spend a lot of time saving various versions of my project according to a rather arcane naming convention, especially when I'm navigating uncharted programming waters and I'm never sure whether or not I could be making a huge mistake.

RealBackup is a small, freeware tool written specifically to address this problem. With an easy drag-and-drop interface, RealBackup can monitor several files at once. At a user-defined interval, RealBackup will check a monitored file for changes and create a backup of that file if it has changed. These backups are stored in a directory created by RealBackup in the project directory and are named to include their date and time of creation for easy organization later. So, simply by hitting cmd-S periodically throughout development, you allow RealBackup to create a thorough backup catalog of your product.

There is little you might expect of RealBackup that it doesn't offer. It advertises doing one thing, does that well, and doesn't complicate the process with any bells and whistles. It began as a personal, "in-house" tool for its developer who later decided to flesh it out a bit for a public audience. These small-time roots show through in its simple ease-of-use. The one drawback comes only from the lack of a Carbonized version of the application; but, with the source made available with the application, any REALbasic programmer can decide that they're the one to port this fine title to OS X.

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