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Issue 10.2 ('Assumption Approach')
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Real Studio Database Days

Going to a Conference in Frankfurt, Germany

Issue: 10.2 (January/February 2012)
Author: Bob Keeney
Author Bio: Bob is the owner of BKeeney Software that provides Real Studio and iOS consulting for clients all over the world. In addition to providing consulting, BKeeney Software provides Real Studio training videos (currently over 30 hours worth) and sells software to consumers and developers alike. He is a founder and former President of the Association of Real Studio Professionals.
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I admit it. I'm addicted to Real Studio and Real Studio conferences because they are a lot of fun. You meet interesting people and you get to see what others are doing with Real Studio. The Real Studio Database Days held in Frankfurt, Germany on November 3-4 were no exception.

Day One

The first day of training had nine people in attendance: six Germans, two Americans, and one Belgian. Christian Schmitz started the day with a review of the databases that can be used with Real Studio. The list is surprisingly big when you include the MonkeyBread SQL plugins.

Christian reviewed the Real Studio database classes: Database, Recordset, DatabaseRecord, DatabaseField, and the PreparedSQLStatement. He then went through the steps to select, insert, and update data. The group had a lengthy discussion about dealing with errors. Database errors happen all the time and unfortunately many people don't trap for them. It's especially common for people coming from Visual Basic 6 to not bother checking for errors because that environment throws database exceptions where Real Studio does not.

Christian then shared some information regarding transactions. If you use threads with your database code you should be aware that it might cause problems. Web Edition apps should have a connection made in the Session (i.e. for each user) to do transactions.

After a wonderful lunch Christian demonstrated how to create an application that stored product names, pictures, and associated the two via a many to many relationship. Then he showed us how to use PreparedSQLStatements to greatly increase the speed of our queries in the application and at the same time increase the security of our application by eliminating SQL injection attacks.

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