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Meet Christian Schmitz

The man behind the Monkeybread plugins

Issue: 11.1 (January/February 2013)
Author: Marc Zeedar
Author Bio: Beginner
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Starting Page Number: 58
Article Number: 11108
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Excerpt of article text...

Real Studio Developer: So... how did you get into computers and programming?

CS: Well, around 1992 a boy from the neighborhood got a computer. He was a friend of mine. I was born 1981... around 1994 we discovered QBasic on that PC (besides the games we played there). We tried a couple of things [in QBasic]. In 1995, I got my first computer, a used C64. We played games on it. I discovered the BASIC console and that I could edit existing games (the BASIC ones).

In 1995 my father bought his first Mac, a PowerMac 6100/66. In 1996 I had a couple of programs written on the C64, like little games. Then I got an used PC, an older one with a 286 CPU from Intel, and I started to learn Turbo Pascal and I tried writing little apps there. Later that year, I bought my first Mac, a Performa 6200.

On the Mac, I used SoftWindows to continue using Turbo Pascal, writing a couple of things like games, editors, simulation programs.

On the Mac I only had Chipmunk Basic, a little interpreter, but still powerful. In school we had a little computer meeting every week, where I did some BASIC coding with others. In 1998 I read about REALbasic in the Macwelt magazine. It was for Mac and they wrote that you can write apps for Windows, too. That was great for me, because I think I was the only one in my school class with a Mac. I could write on Mac and give away apps to friends on Windows. So for christmas I got a copy of REALbasic 1.0. I started writing little tools and games I shared with friends (all while I was in school).

RSD: This was high school?

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