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Issue 11.3 ('XDC 2013')
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A New Magazine is Coming!

Thoughts from the Publisher

Issue: 11.3 (May/June 2013)
Author: Marc Zeedar
Author Bio: When RSD publisher Marc Zeedar was a kid he used to create magazines just for fun. Now he's doing it for a living!
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Even if you've been living a cave without Internet, you must have heard the news announced at the conference last month that Real Studio will soon become Xojo (pronounced Zoh-joe). The most frequently asked question to me at the conference was: "What's going to happen to Real Studio Developer magazine?"

The answer is that beginning next issue (July/August) we'll become XDev Magazine! The domain I've obtained is xdevmag.com, which is nice and short, and the name isn't too common. I wanted to separate myself a little from Xojo by not using the product name in my title, since that causes search engine confusion. XDev can stand for Xojo Developer or Cross-platform Developer, your choice. With a free IDE and iOS support coming, it's a great time to rebrand.

In This Issue

First, let me apologize for the all-Marc issue: I normally work hard to get other writers to contribute, but this issue is all about the Xojo Developer's Conference and with so much news and information it just made sense for me to cover it thoroughly.

We begin with all the news -- basically Geoff Perlman's Keynote address -- and then I have my annual conference write-up.

Finally, I've got two in-depth articles, one exploring the 2013r1 release of Xojo and preparing you for the big interface changes -- and the other looking into exactly what writing iOS apps in Xojo will be like later this year. Enjoy!

End of article.