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Issue 12.6 ('Cheap Web App Hosting')
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Protect Your Software

How to Protect, License, and Sell Xojo Apps

Issue: 12.6 (November/December 2014)
Author: Harold Halbleib
Author Bio: Harold Halbleib is product manager for protection and licensing products at Excel Software (http://www.excelsoftware.com/). With a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering, he began his career working on large scale industrial software systems in the process control industry. His interest in software development, productivity, and reliability lead to developer tools for system analysis, software design, requirements management, code generation, software protection, licensing, and order automation.
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To build great software with Xojo, you focus on user needs, design, coding, and the testing process. To build a profitable business, your focus expands to the sales process, customer support, and the protection and licensing of your software.

If you sell software products or plan to, you are probably aware of some of the options available to developers including the Apple or Microsoft App Store. These options are popular for games and low cost applications, especially for developers who do not have a website, sales, or distribution channel. The App Store model is often not applicable to large or vertical market applications that require customer support, long-term vendor/customer relationships, flexible licensing and upgrade options, reseller and affiliate sales, companion products, hardware/software bundles, or a common sales and distribution process for Mac, Windows, or Linux.

Some developers implement their own protection and licensing systems. However, the development effort, time, and specialized technical skills to achieve the desired features and the level of protection required, often exceeds the budget of a single developer or small company.

This article will discuss how to use QuickLicense and other tools our company makes to satisfy these needs with much less effort. I will describe how to protect a Xojo application with computer unique activation, apply various types of licenses, and support human-managed or online activation. I will also show you how to automate the sales and distribution process for Mac, Windows, or Linux products from your own website, or via mail order, resellers, and affiliates.

Simple Protection and Activation

Software protection, activation, licensing, sales, and order automations are big topics with many options to consider. Before exploring those topics in depth, consider a simple licensing solution presented by AppProtect.

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