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Issue 13.2 ('Control Animation')
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Mandrill and Xojo

Sending bulk emails via Mandrill with Xojo

Issue: 13.2 (March/April 2015)
Author: Scott Boss
Author Bio: Scott Boss is the founder of Nocturnal Coding Monkeys, LLC, who specialize in writing custom software. Scott has been a developer, system administrator, storage engineer, consultant, and architect to busiesses from startup to global 100.
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Excerpt of article text...

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to send a huge number of individualized emails? I'm not describing a marketing campaign which sends the same email to multiple people. Transactional emails are emails customized to each individual receiver.

For instance, you might need to send serial numbers to customers. A Transactional email might be a receipt after an online purchase. Perhaps account statuses need to be sent to customers on a daily basis? What about sending mail to another person across the world where timing is important? How would you approach solving this problem?

You might first think of automating the sending email through your own mail server. This has a couple of issues. The first is connection time. Some people experience 2-3 seconds per email to delivery. If you have 10,000 emails to send, that's a problem. It would take you over 5 hours to send 10,000 emails if each took two seconds to complete. You may also be violating your agreement with your ISP. In the age of spam overload, Internet Service Providers and web hosting companies are cracking down on how much email can be sent.

Mandrill is one approach to solving these problems. It is a system designed from the ground up as a transactional email system, and it's easy to have Xojo talk to it to send emails on your behalf.

What is Mandrill?

The question of what Mandrill is can be summed up in either a short or long answer. The short answer is that Mandrill is a transactional email API by a company called Mailchimp.

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