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Issue 13.3 ('XDC 2015')
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Issue: 13.3 (May/June 2015)
Author: Paul Lefebvre
Author Bio: Paul Lefebvre is the Xojo Developer Evangelist. He has developed software professionally for more than 20 years and been using Xojo and prior versions since 2001.
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As I write this in early April, it is snowing again here in Maine. This is truly the "winter that won't end." But eventually it will warm up and us New Englanders will leave the warmth and light of our fireplaces, space heaters, pellet stoves—and even LCD monitors—to venture outside and enjoy the warmth of something the ancients referred to as "the sun."

So while I wait for such miracles, let's talk about Xojo!

Xojo Games

I like games. I like Xojo. So why not combine two great tastes that go great together? As child of the 80's, I am particularly fond of "retro"-type games that were common in the arcade and on the Atari 2600 in the early 1980's. These are games like Asteroids, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Breakout, etc. It turns out that making these types of games is as much fun as playing them and you can create many of them pretty easily with Xojo.

Figures 1 through 6 are screenshots of some Xojo games that I showed in my Xojo Gaming session at XDC.

Expect the projects for these games to be included with the examples in future Xojo releases.

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