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Issue 14.2 ('Cocoa Fonts')
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Issue: 14.2 (March/April 2016)
Author: Marc Zeedar
Author Bio: When xDev publisher Marc Zeedar was a kid he used to create magazines just for fun. Now he's doing it for a living!
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The new year is flying by—I can't believe it's nearly spring already! Lots of things happening, with more to come. Stay tuned.

Omegabundle 2016

Every couple of years a group of Xojo developers get together and bundle our products at a huge discount called the Omegabundle. It's a great way to try out various third-party Xojo tools. As always, xDev is a part of the bundle—you get the full archives of every issue we've ever published in PDF form, plus a one-year subscription—existing subscribers get their subscriptions renewed for an extra year.

The Omegabundle just launched last week, but it's only for a limited time. Check out this year's collection of products at http://www.omegabundle.net today!

In This Issue

In our main features, JC Cruz explains how to create a custom "data popup" widget, while Sam Rowlands shows how to do Retina support the "right" way. Markus Winter urges us all to create better example projects for beginners, while I explore working with fonts in Cocoa. (In the "Letters" section, Markus explains what happened to his series on Multitasking and makes some corrections from the last issue.)

There's no Open Source column this issue (Scott was ill), but Markus has some great Tips, Craig continues his "Party Role Model" database series, and Paul hits on various topics in his column. And in Beginner's Corner, I explain how the process of creating an API teaches you to be a better programmer.

Speaking of columnists, Markus has announced he can't continue the Tips column, so we're looking for someone to take over. Are you interested? Or do you have an idea for a column on another topic? I'd love it if someone would write regularly on Web Apps or iOS, for instance!

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