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Issue 15.4 ('Xojo in Germany')
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Shrink Your Apps!

Loose that extra app-fluff

Issue: 15.4 (July/August 2017)
Author: Mattias Sandstrom
Author Bio: >Mattias is the programming CEO of Tangix Design & Development, a Sweden-based company developing software solutions for the web and for the Windows platform
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>Just like it may be a good idea to keep an eye on your waist size, your application may all of a sudden need to be put on a diet.

In this article, I focus on desktop applications. If you are developing web-applications or iOS applications, the techniques described here are even more important to keep your application lean and responsive.

Gaining those extra pounds

After a successful migration of one project to HiDPI, I saw the distribution package was noticeably larger than the previous version. "For sure," I thought. "Enabling HiDPI will maybe increase the framework resources required, etc." and I didn't think much more about it.

Sometime later, I read an article by Rafael Rivera (https://www.thurrott.com/windows/109962/windows-bloated-thanks-adobes-extensible-metadata-platform) on the web about the extra bloat inside of Windows 10 from Adobe metadata due to image resources created in Adobe Photoshop and something said "click" in my brain.

I remember how I created the image resources required for the HiDPI in my application, using Adobe Photoshop. I found a nice icon-set (http://www.flaticon.com/) and decided to use it. The icons come in many sizes, but the maximum is 128x128 pixels. For smaller icons, it is possible to download different sizes and rename them to get the required sizes for HiDPI support. In a couple of places, we need a 128x128 size, so I thus need to scale up this icon. Using the tools at hand, I scaled the 128x128 icon to 2x and 3x files using Photoshop's "Export As" function, spitting out resized and properly named files. The files will, of course, become larger.

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