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Issue 16.2 ('StockScripter')
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Markdown Parser for Xojo

Issue: 16.2 (March/April 2018)
Author: Marc Zeedar
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Article Number: 16202
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Markdown is a plain text format that doesn't have any obvious formatting tags like HTML or XML. For instance, instead of ugly <b></b> tags for bold text, you just put double asterisks on either side of a word (**like this**).

This makes it easy to write and edit, so it's great for documentation, help files, blog posts, and other items developers need. Markdown can be converted to HTML, XML, and other formats as needed.

But how do you get Markdown to display with formatting within Xojo? Traditionally, you've got to use a plugin or shell out to a console app, but now Javier Rodriguez has written a Markdown parser in pure Xojo code.

This makes it faster and easier than some other methods, and it can run on desktop, web, console, and even Raspberry Pi! Because the full source code is included, you can make changes to the class if you'd like to tweak how it works.

Since the class is unencrypted Xojo code, there is no demo of the class itself, which is disappointing, but Javier has a pre-built app (for Mac, Windows, and Linux, in both 32- and 64-bit) which you can run to see the class in action.

Unfortunately, the app doesn't let you edit the Markdown text, so you're limited to the demo text Javier as created (I'd like to see how it handles problem Markdown).

There's also a video on his website showing a live Markdown-to-HTML preview working fast enough to keep up with his typing, which is impressive.

The bottom line is if you're in need of a Markdown converter, Markdown Parser for Xojo might be just the solution you're seeking.

End of article.