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Issue 16.4 ('Mojave')
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Apple's Dark vision of the Future

MacOS "Mojave" is coming

Issue: 16.4 (July/August 2018)
Author: Sam Rowlands
Author Bio: Sam is a pixelMancer and codeWeaver at Ohanaware.
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Starting Page Number: 47
Article Number: 16403
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Excerpt of article text...

I had this great idea planned for the second segment of my "Dark Mode" series. Then WWDC2018 happened and, well, everything changed.

In case you were unaware; Apple has made "Dark Mode" the headlining feature of this year's macOS update (see Figure 1). What's amazing to me is just how excited some people (including myself) are about this. I mean, of all the things that we could have gotten, a "Dark Mode" seems weak in comparison, but Dark Mode it is.

Looking over the documentation for Dark Mode, I couldn't help but get the feeling that Apple had read my last article.

"Hey, it's all good and well that you've fixed some of the bugs in High Sierra, but we need a headline feature, one we can hype people up about," says the team leader.

A dev in the corner replies, "I just read an article about some guy trying to make dark interfaces on the Mac and how the current solution is too monotone and has these inconsistencies...."

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