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Issue 19.3 ('Black Hole')
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Issue: 19.3 (May/June 2021)
Author: Marc Zeedar
Author Bio: When xDev publisher Marc Zeedar was a kid he used to create magazines just for fun. Now he's doing it for a living!
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Life is getting exciting again as Apple announces new M1 iMacs and iPad Pros, and Xojo delivers a new release with many improvements.

But then I'm more excited about June's WWDC where I anticipate Apple will announce "Pro" Macs, possibly based on an enhanced M1 chip supporting more RAM and other capabilities. Add in new operating systems and it should be an interesting summer!

In This Issue

Speaking of Xojo 2021r1, I write about some of the new improvements in an article ("More ARM"), detail PDFGraphics in Beginner's Corner, and Paul covers the release in his column.

Have you ever had a project that just got out of hand? That's what happened to Markus recently, when his "simple" quest to format times and distances led him into a black hole of math chaos and weird bugs.

In other features, new contributor Vince Du Beau show how to make checkboxes that work like the ones in Filemaker, and Eugene Dakin begins a series exploring cryptography.

Finally, in a sidestep from his MapKit series, Markus tests out Xojo's new MapLocation feature. Will it eliminate the need for a Maps plugin?

In our columns and reviews, Best of the Web looks at Mac versus iPad, App Store versus Web apps, and more, and we have a review of the life-saving App Wrapper. Enjoy.

End of article.