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Issue 8.3


REALbasic for iPhone?

The Debate

Issue: 8.3 (March/April 2010)
Author: Bob Keeney and Marc Zeedar
Author Bio: Beginner
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Should REAL Software divert resources into enabling REALbasic compiling for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad?

BOB: Absolutely not! REAL Software has enough issues with limited resources and getting things done in a timely manner. REALbasic is a big, complex piece of software and it's taken them 18+ months to get Cocoa out the door as it is. The technical complexities of compiling for the iPhone platform are just as big (if not bigger) and I'd rather they spent the time, effort, and money to make REALbasic an outstanding development platform for Macintosh or Windows desktop development. Currently REALbasic makes a good cross-platform application but only a decent Mac OS X-only application and a sub-par Windows-only application. They should stick with their core competency rather than go off on a tangent.

MARC: Absolutely! There's no question that the iPhone is the hottest development platform on the planet right now, and with Apple's upcoming iPad, that momentum is only going to grow. Mobile, web-enabled applications are the future and REALbasic developers are being left out. If developers move to Cocoa, RS might lose them permanently. Don't forget there are zillions of non-programmers dying for a simple way to create iPhone apps. If REALbasic was that solution, it would be a huge new market. The increased revenue would benefit REALbasic on all platforms. And there's no reason the new platform would interfere with the current product: developing for iPhone/iPad is so different it would be a separate product created by an independent team.

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