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Issue 9.2


Submitting to the Mac App Store

A guide for REAL Studio Users

Issue: 9.2 (January/February 2011)
Author: Thomas Tempelmann
Author Bio: Thomas Tempelmann started programming on a TI-57. His first computer was a VIC-20. His first famous program, F-Copy, copied an entire floppy disk (170KB) in less than five minutes (before that, it took half an hour), and he realized his career was in software development. He got an Atari ST, learned C, did some pre-Windows PC programming, finally got his first Mac (PB 170), and co-wrote a VM to run Atari ST apps on Mac OS. Had a Newton 130 and several 2000s, using them until recently. User of REALbasic since version 1. An earlier version of this article was originally published on the Association of REALbasic Professionals website (http://www.arbpmembers.org).
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Apple revolutionized the mobile industry with the introduction of the App Store, making it simple for users to purchase, download, and install mobile apps with one click. In 2011, Apple brings the same simple process of app buying to Mac users with the launch of the Mac App Store. If you'd like to know how to bring your REAL Studio-created applications to the store, continue reading.

How Apps Work on the Mac App Store

If you get your app available in the Mac App Store, users can download it in a process similar to downloading music and iOS apps via iTunes. Apps can be offered for free or cost anything from one U.S. dollar to several hundred dollars.

If an app is downloaded from the Mac App Store, it will be installed in the Applications folder and can immediately be launched. That's the basics for any Mac App Store app.

Prerequisites to Getting an App on the Mac App Store

You'll need a Macintosh computer, as you cannot connect to Apple's developer services on a PC and certain Apple OS software is required in the submission process.

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Errata (2011-01-06)

Note that the original Guide had one little bug in the receipt validation code which got fixed on Dec 29: the Declares involving "libCrypto" must use an absolute path to the library (i.e. "/usr/lib/libcrypto.dylib").