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Issue 9.3


School of Mantis

Tracking bugs is hard to do

Issue: 9.3 (March/April 2011)
Author: Tam Hanna
Author Bio: Tam Hanna, founder of Tamoggemon Ltd., has developed mobile apps since 2004. In addition, he acts as a consultant for various firms, speaks at events, writes tech books, and runs a blog network on all things phone.
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Once an app is out the door, keeping it in the headlines is expensive. If you don't have the loot to buy your way in, frequent updates are the only way to keep your pet product alive and kicking.

After version 1.0 has been released, you usually have enough leftovers for a second version. Okay, most products never make it past v1.0... but if you are one of the lucky few, you will quickly develop a rather nasty case of tetraphobia (fear of the number four). The reason: by version four, the feature backlog accumulated during development tends to be depleted for good.

Given that you haven't flushed your copy of REAL Studio down the toilet at this point, you probably agree that a healthy stream of improvement requests is essential to keeping a product line alive. This article will look at ways to get these ideas, and more importantly, at a tool which allows you to prevent your precious ideas getting lost in the hustles and bustles of everyday work life.

Getting ideas and bug reports

As the last issue of RSD introduced you to proper beta testing, it should not come as a surprise that the beta process will yield improvement requests which can not be accommodated in the initial release due to time or resource constraints.

These bug reports and suggestions—along with any ideas you may have yourself—form the initial stack of features. The moment the PR campaign starts, the press and public will come calling with all kinds of feature requests, issues, and ideas.

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