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Issue 9.6


Tracer Bullet Development

Becoming more productive

Issue: 9.6 (September/October 2011)
Author: Tam Hanna
Author Bio: Tam Hanna, founder of Tamoggemon Ltd., has developed mobile apps since 2004. In addition, he acts as a consultant for various firms, speaks at events, writes tech books, and runs a blog network on all things phone.
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Twenty years ago a person who drank too much coffee... drank too much brown liquid. Bean producers celebrated, coffeeshops celebrated—and that was that. Today he suffers from "Caffeine Intoxication" and must donate money to the local psychoanalytic.

This trend is not limited to everyday life. In large (or governmental) IT projects, common sense is out. If a common sense approach to software development methodology doesn't have a fancy name, it won't fly... which is where Tracer Bullet Development (TBD) comes in.

What is Tracer Bullet Development

The term Tracer Bullet Development first appeared in a book written by Jared Richardson and Will Gwaltney, Jr. Their book bears the aggressive name Ship It, and defines Tracer Bullet Development as following:

The practice of Tracer Bullet Development... lets you see where things are headed as soon as you start and helps you aim continuously long before you're done.

The name comes from the tracer bullet. These bullets are used by machine gunners—they provide a lighted path from the barrel to the target and thereby simplify adjusting the gun's trajectory to better hit the intended target.

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