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Issue 1.4

Table Of Contents

Issue 1.4 (February/March 2003)

Column A New Year for REALbasic: Thoughts from the Publisher (Page 5)
News News (Page 6)
Review Physics for Game Developers (Page 8)
Review CFPlugin (Page 8)
Review Dock Menu Pro (Page 9)
Review UndoToolkit (Page 9)
Review Profile: AliasMultiplier (Page 10)
Review RB Source Code Printer (Page 10)
Feature Coffee Break Pro: Rewriting an application in REALbasic (Page 11)
Feature Interview: Claes Lundstrom (Page 13)
Column Software Marketing for Independent Developers (Page 15)
Feature Designing a User Friendly, Aqua Compliant User Interface (Page 22)
Feature Aqua Checklist: Selected items from Apple's Aqua Human Interface Guidelines and other sources (Page 26)
Column Fun with SQL: Creating Tables and Data (Page 27)
Column Welcome to the REALbasic Developer Magazine Beginner's Corner! (Page 28)
Column Graphics Tips: All you wanted to know about graphics (Page 30)
Column Ask The Experts (Page 32)
Column Hashing: Pigeonhole Your Data (Page 34)
Column Object-Oriented Thinking (Page 36)
Column Resources: Resources inside your application (Page 37)
Column Bouncing Off The Walls: Using The Bounds3D Class (Page 38)
Column Day 4: Saving Files (Page 40)
Column More power to the user: Add some complexity to your verbs (Page 42)
Column Instant Cocoa (Page 43)
Column Integumentary Customization, Part I: Using "Skins" in REALbasic Applications (Page 44)
Column There's a file in my PICT! (Page 46)


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