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Issue 10.1 ('Reporting')
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Fun With Comics

How Marc solved a comic problem

Issue: 10.1 (November/December 2011)
Author: Marc Zeedar
Author Bio: Marc taught himself programming in high school when he bought his first computer but had no money for software. He's had fun learning ever since.
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Excerpt of article text...

My favorite use for Real Studio is solving day-to-day problems. With Real Studio I feel like I myself can live up to Apple's iPhone slogan, "There's an app for that" by writing whatever I need!

I've written articles before about how I've used Real Studio for simple in-house projects and today I'm going to share another one. Note that the app I created, by its nature, is crude and rough because this is intended only for my personal use, so don't expect a masterpiece. But I think you'll find the unusual nature of the app interesting, especially the way I pieced together several technologies.

I Love Comics

To begin, we have to go back to my high school days. That's when I last read comics regularly. (I'm talking about the funny pages in the daily newspaper, not graphic novels or comic books.) In high school I was on the debate team and we had to keep up with politics and news and therefore had subscriptions to several daily papers. (This was in the mid-1980s, before the Internet was common.)

Politics and news bored me and I hated the rest of the paper, but I loved the comic section and made sure I read it every day (I felt I learned more about current events via the comics than I did by reading the rest of the paper). Even back then I always said that the only way I'd ever subscribe to a newspaper was if they would sell me only only the comic section. For years after, when I received a sales call from the local paper asking me to subscribe, I would tell them that and they would say, "We can't do that." I would respond with, "Call me when you can."

It took over 20 years, but that day finally arrived a year ago with the advent of a terrific iPad app called The Funnies. This was a simple-seeming app that lets you "subscribe" to whatever comics you like (from a list of hundreds) and then displays them in a nice interface (see Figure 1).

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