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Issue 11.2 ('Boolean')
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Table Of Contents

Issue 11.2 (March/April 2013)

Column Real World's Coming!: Thoughts from the Publisher (Page 5)
News News (Page 8)
Review DaisyDisk (Page 13)
Review Napkin (Page 16)
Feature Tips for Real World: Getting the most out of the Real World Conference in Orlando (Page 18)
Feature Encapsulating Booleans: Avoid reading out booleans before having them set (Page 26)
Feature Windows Installing: Using Inno Setup to Create a Windows Installer App (Page 30)
Feature EC2 to the Rescue: Using Amazon EC2 for Real Studio Web Applications (Page 44)
Feature Plugin to Real Studio: Plugin SDK changes for 2012/2013 (Page 56)
Column Get Your Pragma On: Conditional Compiling and Pragma Directives (Page 60)
Column Using REALSQLDatabase as your file format: The SQLite database behind REALSQLDatabase is ideal as your application's file format. (Page 68)
Column Keeping the Right Kinds of Clients: Not All Are Created Equal (Page 72)
Column Software Made Real: Real Studio Developer Conference 2013 (Page 74)
Column Deep Dive on Creating MySQL Tables Part 2: Column Names, Data Types, Null Options, Constraints, and some Index Options (Page 76)
Column Web Applications: Deploying Your Web Apps (Page 81)


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