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Issue 2.3

Table Of Contents

Issue 2.3 (December/January 2003)

Column Thoughts from the Publisher (Page 5)
News News (Page 6)
Review RADicode (Page 8)
Review GrowBoxPro (Page 8)
Review ResizeWidget 1.4 (Page 9)
Review SelfUpdater (Page 9)
Review Cocoa Programming (Page 10)
Review Navigation Builder (Page 10)
Feature PostMortem: DiscBlaze: From Cocoa to REALbasic (Page 11)
Feature Writing a Preferences Class (Page 13)
Feature How to Make Your Application Router-Proof: How to write an application that uses UDP without requiring your users to fiddle with their routers (Page 22)
Feature Not Speaking Gibberish to your Users is Good: Utilizing "Smart Localization" in Mac OS X (Page 24)
Column Building a Calculator: Learning to use REALbasic Modules within a project (Page 28)
Column The Core Foundation: Learn to use a useful suite of Mac OS X services (Page 30)
Column Ask The Experts (Page 32)
Column Stacks and Recursion: A look at stacks as a replacement for recursion (Page 34)
Column Object-Oriented Callbacks (Page 36)
Column Loose Ends: Wrapping up our look at database plugins (Page 37)
Column Shape Animation: An animation system based on Object3D's Shape property (Page 38)
Column From Scratch: Using StocksSocket in an Application (Page 40)
Column Types of Disk Drives: Whether a disk drive is a CD-ROM or not. (Page 42)
Column Comparing Interfaces: Get comfortable using REALbasic (Page 43)
Column The Case of the Exploding Program: There's big trouble in Little Germany, and our boys are on the case (Page 44)
Column Unroll the loops: Optimizing your code (Page 46)


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