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Issue 4.1

Table Of Contents

Issue 4.1 (September/October 2005)

Column Thoughts from the Publisher (Page 5)
News News (Page 6)
Review Blender3D (Page 8)
Review Ghost Installer Studio (Page 8)
Review Net Tool Box (Page 9)
Review Pod Secret (Page 9)
Review REALbasic 2005 (Page 10)
Review starQuiz (Page 10)
Feature Style Master: REALbasic Helps Weave the Web (Page 11)
Feature Meet John Balestrieri: The life of a REALbasic software consultant (Page 14)
Feature Falling Objects: Working with the Laws of Newtonian Motion (Page 17)
Feature The Problem with Floating-Point Numbers, Part II: Encoding real numbers into integer format (Page 24)
Feature Networking 201: The Ins and Outs of UDP (Page 27)
Column File Things, Part Two: Working with "folderitems" (Page 30)
Column REALbasic 2005 New Database Features: A look at REALSQLDatabase and more (Page 32)
Column Implementing the Monostate Pattern: Static Variables In Action (Page 33)
Column Adventure Games: A look at a simple state machine (Page 34)
Column Control Panel Library: Switch Class (Page 36)
Column RSS Reader: The next RSS reader from start to finish. (Page 38)
Column Printing Rotated Text, Part 2: Using declares to draw rotated text on Windows (Page 40)
Column Throw it on the Dash, Part II: Write your own Dashboard Widget (Page 42)
Column Optimizing REALbasic: Tips & Tricks for Performance Optimizations (Page 44)


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