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Table Of Contents

Issue 6.1 (November/December 2007)

(Source Code)
Thoughts from the Publisher (Page 5)
News News from the REALbasic Community (Page 0)
Review iWork '08 (Page 8)
Review Book: Getting Things Done (Page 9)
Review Book: The 4-Hour Workweek (Page 9)
Review iPhone (firmware 1.1.1) (Page 10)
Review TaskTime 4.3.7 (Page 10)
Feature PostMortem: Reality Check: Code Analysis Software (Page 11)
Feature Meet Douglas Lyman: Why AltaPoint Data Systems switched to REALbasic (Page 15)
Feature VB Migration 101: Migrating from Visual Basic to REALbasic (Page 17)
Feature REALWord: Mind Your Spelling (Page 21)
Feature DiscRecording: How to burn a CD from REALbasic on Mac OS X (Page 29)
(Beginner's Corner)
Hierarchical Listboxes (Part 1): Working with hierarchical listboxes (Page 32)
(From Scratch)
iDater, Part 2: A simple project to manage creation and modification dates (Page 36)
Feature Database Servers: FrontBase (Page 38)
(Object-Oriented Thinking)
Writing Debuggable Code: It's The Next Best Thing To Bug-Free Code (Page 39)
An RPN Interpreter: Installment Two (Page 40)
(Intel corner)
Registry: Reading and writing values to the Windows Registry. (Page 42)
(The Interface Designer)
In The Spotlight: Adding Spotlight-style searching to your app (Page 44)
(BKeeney Briefs)
Finding Work: How to Find Work as a REALbasic Developer (Page 46)


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