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Table Of Contents

Issue 3.5 (May/June 2005)

(Source Code)
Thoughts from the Publisher (Page 5)
News News from the REALbasic Community (Page 6)
Review Book: Revolution in the Valley (Page 8)
Review Chart Part (Page 8)
Review GuancheMOS (Page 9)
Review iSticky (Page 9)
Review The Analogue Ripper (Page 10)
Review The Fontz (Page 10)
Feature Postmortem: Redlien Account Executive: Tackling the Business World with RB (Page 11)
Feature REALbasic 2005: New & Improved (Page 15)
Feature REAL World 2005 (Page 18)
Feature Creating A Registration Algorithm: (or How To Protect Your Program In Three Easy Steps) (Page 23)
(Beginner's Corner)
String Theory: Working with strings (Page 30)
(Databases for REAL)
Database Bindings (Page 32)
(Object-Oriented Thinking)
Handling Exceptions: Add Stack Tracing and Logging to Your Projects (Page 33)
Feature Polygon area: Determining the area of a polygon (Page 34)
(Visual Basic and REALbasic)
What is VB good for?: Overview comparison of VB and RB (Page 36)
(The Topographic Apprentice)
Control Panel Library: Panel Class (Page 38)
(From Scratch)
From Scratch: Networked TanGram (Page 40)
(Intel corner)
Memory: Statistics on free and total memory on Windows (Page 42)
(Interface Design)
The Case of the Forgetful Cult, Part III: Can stateless CGI programming really be done in REALbasic? (Page 44)
(Beyond the Limits)
The Missing Picture class (Page 46)


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