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Table Of Contents

Issue 4.3 (January/February 2006)

(Source Code)
Thoughts from the Publisher (Page 5)
News News from the REALbasic Community (Page 6)
Review Code Clipper (Page 8)
Review IP*Works Secure Tunnel (Page 8)
Review MoniTOR (Page 9)
Review ProSelect (Page 9)
Review Rondo (Page 10)
Review V4RB Data Class Builder (Page 10)
Feature KidzMail: Building an email client for children (Page 11)
Feature Harmonic Motion: The pendulum as an elegant example of harmonic motion (Page 15)
Feature Coming of Age: The REALbasic 3rd Party Solution Market (Page 23)
Feature Networking 401 (Page 25)
(Beginner's Corner)
RB5.5 vs. RB2005: Comparing the new to the old (Page 28)
(Databases for REAL)
Stored Procedures: Part 2: An Overview (Page 30)
(Object-Oriented Thinking)
Extending XMLReader: Applying the Chain of Responsibility Pattern (Page 31)
(The Topographic Apprentice)
The Hills Are Alive...: Generating Terrain (Page 32)
(From Scratch)
RSS Reader: The next RSS reader from start to finish (Page 34)
(Intel corner)
File formats: What REALbasic applications can read (Page 36)
(Interface Design)
Signed, Sealed & Delivered: Create the perfect installation scheme (Page 38)
(Optimizing REALbasic)
Optimizing REALbasic: Optimizing with Stock Replacements (Page 40)
(Beyond the Limits)
Pictures and Dynamic Libraries: A Poor Man's Plugin, Part II (Page 42)


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