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Table Of Contents

Issue 11.1 (January/February 2013)

(Source Code)
Welcome Back!: Thoughts from the Publisher (Page 5)
News News from the REALbasic Community (Page 8)
Review Profile: Find Any File (Page 13)
Review Apple iPad mini (Page 15)
Review Pythonista (Page 17)
Feature Real Studio in Birmingham: At the November 2012 Birmingham Conference (Page 20)
Feature Intro to Fun, Part 2: Towards Functional Programming with Real Studio (Page 24)
Feature Command Line PDFs: Generating PDFs from HTML with Real Studio (Page 34)
Feature Meet Christian Schmitz: The man behind the Monkeybread plugins (Page 58)
Feature What's New With R2: Real Studio 2012r2 is Now Available (Page 64)
Feature Tricking the User: Make your application appear faster (Page 72)
Feature Giving your Elevator Pitch: Be a Shameless Self Promotor (Page 82)
Feature What's New: Exploring RS2012 Release 2 (Page 84)
Feature Deep Dive on Creating MySQL Tables: Taking a close look at the CREATE TABLE Statement (Page 87)
Feature Using Third Party Web Controls: The New Web Control SDK (Page 89)


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